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The Art of Plant-Powered Persian Cuisine For Total Body Seasonal Wellness

Embark on a Culinary Journey to Health!

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The Art of Plant-Powered Persian Cuisine For Total Body Seasonal Wellness

Presenting the lifelong work and compilation of family recipes, nutrition, and health information learned and practiced by Dr. Anahitta Jafari, Phd. As a 6th generation traditional Persian herbalist, and lifelong practitioner and student of Avicenna’s philosophy—the father of early modern medicine and author of  The Canon of Medicine—Dr. Jafari fills readers with her warm wisdom while sharing the countless health benefits she has learned, practiced and perfected as a researcher and teacher of Traditional Persian Medicine. 
Embark on a culinary journey and discover secrets from ancient times for your modern kitchen. Radiant health starts with a healthy lifestyle—what better way than to indulge in these yummy-licious and nutritious meals! Learn how to maximize nutrition for optimal health benefits through seasonal eating that energizes your lifeforce!

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An Pure Example of the Value of Traditions

"Beyond the interesting recipes that I can't wait to try, the stories in the book awakened me to the sacred value of traditional medicines. I got a palpable sense of this family's reverence for their personal gifts of knowledge and I marveled at how they knew, without question, that it was their purpose to share these ancient, effective treatments. This author is a 6TH GENERATION practitioner who gracefully holds the torch to keep these traditions alive—because they work. I imagine that is pretty challenging in today's medical world where pharmaceuticals are the go-to. There are even eating plans for the different seasons! Who knew? This book opened my eyes to alternatives that really make sense." –Perky


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"Dr. Anahitta Jafari's cookbook and wellness guide offers an easy-to-read journey filled with insightful information and amazing photos. With a focus on simplicity and user-friendly content, this book is perfect for beginners and seasoned wellness enthusiasts alike. Dr. Jafari's expertise shines through on every page. Her book, "The Persian Kitchen Physician" is meticulously researched providing practical advice and delicious recipes. The stunning visuals throughout the book serve as both inspiration and motivation on your journey to a holistic lifestyle. This book does not disappoint."
- Lisa Alexander

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Dr. Jafari, PhD, is a 6th-generation traditional Persian herbalist, researcher, and teacher of Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM), and is the Founder and Director of Parsi Herbs in Deerfield Beach, Florida. She has formulated and perfected hundreds of herbal formulas in alignment with TPM and modern research. Dr. Jafari is a world-renowned television and radio personality on TPM health and spirituality and is the owner of Kitchen Physician School of Natural Healing Arts and Sciences. Also known as “The Persian Kitchen Physician,” she co-authored Stealing A Woman’s Treasure. She loves to share Persian kitchen secrets that inspire vibrant health and is passionate about helping others realize their full potential.


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"The Persian Kitchen Physician" by Dr. Anahitta Jafari is a culinary gem that combines the richness of Persian cuisine with the wisdom of traditional Persian medicine. Dr. Jafari not only provides a delightful collection of recipes but also infuses the book with insights into the health benefits of Persian ingredients and cooking techniques. One of the standout features of this cookbook is its visual appeal. The stunning photography throughout the book is not just a feast for the eyes but also serves as a testament to the artistry of Persian cuisine. The vibrant colors of the dishes, the meticulous presentation, and the attention to detail in capturing the essence of each recipe make this cookbook a joy to browse and inspire home cooks to recreate these dishes in their own kitchens. The recipes themselves are a delightful exploration of Persian flavors, offering a diverse range of dishes from appetizers to desserts. Dr. Jafari's emphasis on the health benefits of ingredients adds an extra layer of value to the cookbook, making it not only a source of delicious recipes but also a guide to mindful and nutritious cooking. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a novice cook, this book invites you on a flavorful journey that extends beyond the kitchen and into the heart of Persian culture.

-Tara Lucier

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