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The deceptive dangers of non-stick products like Teflon are widely recognized across the world. Teflon is a member of a family of dangerous chemicals called perfluorochemicals [PFCs). According to the Environmental Working Group(EWG), “PFCs or C-8 virtually never breakdown in the environment and have been found to contaminate most of the US population, including 92% of children tested to date.” EWG is a nonprofit advocacy organization that broke the story of the dangers of Teflon.

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Aluminum cookware can also be detrimental to your health. Scientists studying Alzheimer’s disease found abnormally high amounts of aluminum, zinc, and other metals in patients’ brain tissue. Aluminum toxicity mimics the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and osteoporosis. It may also cause a wide range of issues like impaired liver and kidney function, gastrointestinal issues, anemia, colic, softening/weakening of bones in children, interference with the absorption of calcium, aching muscles, nervousness, memory loss, headaches, and speech problems. It is not recommended to cook or store food in aluminum containers, including aluminum foil. Be aware that some foods actually have aluminum added, so please check ingredients carefully and do not cook with them. Examples include some grain-based foods (such as cookie and bread mixes), baking powder, and baking soda

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Stainless steel materials are widely usedin food preparation and in home andcommercial cookware. Most stainlesssteel cookware sold in American storesis made of an 18/10 grade steel which issoft and expands when heated, makingthe food stick to the pan. This forcesusers to cook with butter or oils whichmakes it harder to clean.At cooking temperatures, the stainlesssteel is attacked by organic acids andreleases compounds like iron, chromium,and nickel into the food. The chrome and nickel salts created in the process cannot be eliminated by thedigestive system, and linger in humans causing toxic build-up and affecting cellular health.Nickel causes numerous health problems, including allergic contact dermatitis. Nickel-sensitive peopleshould switch to a material other than stainless steel cookware.Chromium and iron are essential nutrients for which stainless steel could be a useful source.

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