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Embark on a Culinary Journey to Health!


The Art of Plant-Powered Persian Cuisine For Total Body Seasonal Wellness
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The Art of Plant-Powered Persian Cuisine For Total Body Seasonal Wellness

Presenting the lifelong work and compilation of family recipes, nutrition, and health information learned and practiced by Dr. Anahitta Jafari, Phd. As a 6th generation traditional Persian herbalist, and lifelong practitioner and student of Avicenna’s philosophy—the father of early modern medicine and author of  The Canon of Medicine—Dr. Jafari fills readers with her warm wisdom while sharing the countless health benefits she has learned, practiced and perfected as a researcher and teacher of Traditional Persian Medicine. 
Embark on a culinary journey and discover secrets from ancient times for your modern kitchen. Radiant health starts with a healthy lifestyle—what better way than to indulge in these yummy-licious and nutritious meals! Learn how to maximize nutrition for optimal health benefits through seasonal eating that energizes your lifeforce!

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NBC Channel 6 Live South Florida

B & N Coral Springs

Barnes & Noble Coral Springs Book Signing

Dr. Jafari on The Patch!

Boca Raton's The Patch reviews "The Persian Kitchen Physician" and gives it 5 stars! Read now.

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Barnes & Noble Delray Beach Book Signing

New Pelican Article

Dr. Jafari shares Healthy Summer Eating on New Pelican. Read now!

Boca Raton book signing

Barnes & Noble Boca Raton Book Signing

Dwight Stephenson visiting Parsi Herbs

Hall of Famer Dwight Stephenson visiting Dr. Jafari at Parsi Herbs' offices to get his copy signed.

Dr Jafari hosting private event

Private Events and Classes

Dr Jafari autographing a copy of the Persian Kitchen PHysician

Barnes & Noble Fort Lauderdale Book Signing

Dr Jafari signing book

Book Reviews



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Privately owned mother and daughter business serving Southeast Florida in the same location for 23 years.

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Dr. Jafari, PhD, is a 6th-generation traditional Persian herbalist, researcher, and teacher of Traditional Persian Medicine (TPM), and is the Founder and Director of Parsi Herbs in Deerfield Beach, Florida. She has formulated and perfected hundreds of herbal formulas in alignment with TPM and modern research. Dr. Jafari is a world-renowned television and radio personality on TPM health and spirituality and is the owner of Kitchen Physician School of Natural Healing Arts and Sciences. Also known as “The Persian Kitchen Physician,” she co-authored Stealing A Woman’s Treasure. She loves to share Persian kitchen secrets that inspire vibrant health and is passionate about helping others realize their full potential.

I had no idea Traditional Persian Medicine was so advanced and the basis of Modern Medicine. I loved reading the history and science and learning about nutrition. Being gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian, it has been a challenge to find new excitement on my plate. I am delighted to try the seasonal recipes and better my health. This book not only is a beautiful gem to look at but also provides ample fun in the kitchen for days to come!"
-Carole Fontaine, Bestselling Author of the "Sail Above the Clouds" Series.


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